What is the world’s fastest wedding chapel?

14 Feb

It’s Valentine’s Day today, and after finally digging my way free of the massive mound of roses and chocolate that never arrived on my desk I figured I should get something out of the day via a little extra knowledge.

And it seemed obvious the question needed to relate to romance and/or relationships.

But I didn’t want to know something predictable about the world’s oldest bride and youngest groom etc. I wanted something quirky about a celebration that often gets taken way too seriously.

So I headed to Guinness World Records and typed ‘wedding’ into the record search engine. And bingo, up came a fact just as fun as I wanted.

It’s for the World’s Fastest Wedding Chapel, which a reverend called Darrell Best from Illinois created from a 1940s fire truck. I’ll let Guinness tell you more . . .

“The wedding chapel entitled The Best Man allows lovers to tie the knot while they’re on the road and is capable of reaching speeds of 99 km/h. Rev. Best, who has married more than 40 couples in the vehicle, says people love it because “it allows them to get married in any environment they want. Sometimes they don’t want to get off the vehicle so it’s the bride and groom, two witnesses, and the minister all in the sanctuary on the back of the truck. It can get pretty intimate!”

See a video of the chapel in action here.

PS: Did you know St Valentine is the patron saint, among other things, of bee keepers, epilepsy, fainting, plague and young people. How unromantic!

2 Responses to “What is the world’s fastest wedding chapel?”

  1. Gavin Lauman February 15, 2012 at 7:41 am #

    Next stop the honeymoon suite or the reception?

    • whatcanilearntoday February 15, 2012 at 10:52 am #

      The mind boggles. There is an obvious joke in there somewhere about monster trucks but I won’t be touching it!

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