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Why can women propose to men on February 29?

29 Feb

There were happy times in my world today when two of my good friends, Angie and Stu (pictured above), got engaged. And entirely in keeping with the spirit of February 29, she did the asking.

Now for anyone who doesn’t know, this is said to be the one day of the year – or more accurately of four years – when a woman is ‘allowed’ to propose to her partner. But apparently they owe their thanks for the opportunity to a man.

His name was St Patrick and it’s said that in about 5th Century Ireland, St Bridget complained to him about men waiting too long to pop the question. So he offered womankind this one day on which to take matters into their own hands.

You would almost think he was commitment shy in picking this one rare day out of the 366 that were available. But in truth it doesn’t matter – it just emboldens modern women to seize the moment when it arrives. As Angie did today.

Easy Weddings did a story on her project as the day leading up to “Yes” was filled with a whole program of Stu-friendly activities. Read all about them here.

And what makes the story even more romantic is both Ang and Stu are wedding photographers. Check out their site and blog here.