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What is the world’s most expensive dessert?

12 Jan

I am a truly excellent cook. I make a mean microwave rice, a mean microwave lasagne and a mean microwave dim sum.

But every so often I like to venture out to a restaurant to taste the work of other, lesser chefs. And so it was today when I caught up with my friend Sarah for an important gossip session work meeting to strategise future analytics.

After a lovely meal of chargrilled prawns with rocket and pear salad (me) and zucchini and corn hotcakes (her), talk turned to dessert and whether I was interested. After a reply that may or may not have included the words ‘bear’ and ‘woods’ the confection arrived – the sumptuously named volcano brownie.

It was divine. Truly divine. So much so it was all I thought about this afternoon. Which led me to wonder – if a brownie that cost less than $10 could taste so good, imagine how good something worth $1000 would be.

And thus came today’s question: what is the world’s most expensive dessert?

I assumed, to be honest, it would be some sort of decadent Parisian or Arab creation, but according to The Most Expensive Journal, it was actually served in the UK – and only last year.

The scene was Lindeth Howe Country House Hotel in Windermere, Cumbria, and the dessertee was British diamond merchant Carl Weininger. He tucked into a three-inch by three-inch chocolate flavoured cake that boasted ingredients such as peach, orange, dark chocolate and golf leaf.

Sounds pretty ordinary, but the real kicker was the ornamentation. As the Journal reveals…

To fully bring the dessert to the level of an ostentatious display, the dessert is topped with a two-carat diamond.

And the cost? A mere $US34,000. No worries. I’ll pop over next time I’m staying in a nearby backpackers.

In the meantime, watch a video of head chef Marc Guibert preparing the dish here.