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Who is the rude band in Old School and Starsky & Hutch?

12 Feb

Hollywood has produced some wonderful wedding singers.

Just look at Steve Buscemi’s heartfelt warbling of True in the Adam Sandler movie that celebrates the profession.

But for my money, the best among them is Dan Finnerty. And don’t worry if you haven’t heard of him before, because I just discovered him too. And felt obliged to (ahem) sing his praises.

To backtrack, today’s knowledge quest was born from a simple desire – to find out more about the band that cameos in Old School and Starsky & Hutch.

Anyone who has seen the films will understand my interest since they both feature milestone celebrations headlined by an incredibly coarse (but hilarious) band that peppers power ballads with enough bad language to make a grandmother or religious devotee blush.

Think Bonnie Tyler’s Total F****** Eclipse of the Heart and you’re on track.

Anyway, I knew the group couldn’t be just a movie ensemble as they are too practised and polished. And I was right. They are actually a comedy band called The Dan Band, led by the aforementioned Dan Finnerty, an actor and comedian.

Based in LA, their specialty is covers of female pop songs such as Toni Basil’s Mickey, with added obscenities and swearing. And their unique blend has proved very popular in Hollywood, featuring in other films such as The Hangover.

They even released a Christmas LP of originals called Ho: A Dan Band Xmas, which had tracks such as I Wanna Rock U Hard This Christmas, for which the video featured the Brady Bunch’s Florence Henderson hitting on Santa in a retirement home. Check it out below.


And to finish, a random fact: Dan is married to actress Kathy Najimy.