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Where did the song title Electric Blue come from?

5 Feb

I grew up early enough to be a fan of Hall & Oates, but not early enough to see them in concert. So when I found out they were touring Australia, I had to go.

The chance to see Out of Touch performed live was just too much to resist. Plus, they were being supported by Icehouse, one of my all-time favourite homegrown bands. And the combination prompted me to look further into something that had always intrigued me.

I knew John Oates had teamed up with Iva Davies to co-write Electric Blue, which was one of Icehouse’s most popular songs. But what I didn’t know was how they came up with the title. And it turns out the setting was a little risque!

You can read full versions of the story here and here, but to paraphrase what happened, Oates was relaxing on a topless beach while Iva was out windsurfing when an unexpected muse crossed his path. “This gorgeous topless chick is walking towards me on the beach and I’m thinking, “Well, I can’t look at her tits, so I better look at her eyes. So she had these blue eyes, and I swear to God, it popped into my head, and that’s how I came up with the idea.”

Now watch the video . . .

  And to finish, a little Out of Touch too.