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What is the world’s biggest ocean? And more geographic facts . . .

18 Feb

After spending much of the afternoon helping a friend prepare stock for her new boutique, the last thing I felt like doing was embarking on a massive knowledge quest through the internet.

Plus, I had a new copy of the Horrible Bosses DVD to watch.

So I decided to go easy on myself and find out the answers to what I thought would be five pretty simple geography questions concerning the planet we call home. As predicted they took no time at all to investigate, but that doesn’t mean they’re not handy to know. So here goes . . .

Question: What is the world’s biggest ocean?
Answer: Pacific.

Question: What tectonic plate is Australia on?
Answer: The Indo-Australian plate.

Question: What is the world’s most active volcano?
Answer: Kilauea in Hawaii.

Question: What is the deepest point on the planet?
Answer: The Challenger Deep in the Mariana Trench.

Question: How long is the equator?
Answer: 44075.16km.

So there you go, don’t say I never teach you anything!