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Who wrote the Mission: Impossible theme song?

14 Jan

Say what you will about Tom Cruise, but the man makes an awesome action hero. And nowhere is this more evident than when he suits up as Ethan Hunt.

He’s done it so far in three Mission: Impossible films I loved and one more – Ghost Protocol – I hope to see this weekend.

And what I really rate about the films is their consistency – the chicks are always beautiful and badass, the plots are entertaining, the stunts are eye-popping, the villains are pieces of work and the goodies always win.

Then there’s that amazing theme song.

It’s been a key part of the Impossible Mission Force identify since I first watched the TV show starring Peter Graves, Thaao Penghlis (Tony DiMera from Days of Our Lives) and Jane Badler (the rat-eating Diana from V).

In its own way it’s just as iconic as the themes from Jaws or Star Wars. And while I knew John Williams didn’t write it, I wanted to know who did.

And the answer is Lalo Schifrin.

Born in Argentina, this composer, pianist and conductor grew up in a musical family, studied at the Paris Conservatory, worked across Europe and had his own big concert band before moving to the US at the request of Dizzy Gillespie.

It was here his career kicked into high gear, with more than 100 movies and TV shows now to his credit, as well as a cameo appearance in the original movie of Red Dragon.

Just a few of the films that feature his work – either as the theme, score or just on the soundtrack – include Rush Hour 3, After The Sunset, Bringing Down The House, The Beverley Hillbillies, Inglourious Basterds, Drag Me To Hell, Zodiac, Kate & Leopold, Charlie’s Angels, The Amityville Horror and The Eagle Has Landed.

He was picked by Bruce Lee to score Enter the Dragon and is a favourite of fellow jazz afficianado Clint Eastwood, who has worked with him on everything from Dirty Harry and Sudden Impact to Magnum Force.

But there’s one thing for which he will always be remembered. And here it is, remixed by Tiesto for Ghost Protocol